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As a kid in Oregon, I used to love picking the berries that grew wild in my neighborhood: raspberries, blue berries, Oregon grape, strawberries and especially the blackberries. My grandpa used to make the best blackberry cobbler ever. My grandparents had a vacant lot that grew the best blackberries in the neighborhood. My grandfather was a carpenter and he taught me that quality mattered: you only put the best ingredients and the sweetest berries and tin your cobbler, even if you have to climb up a ladder. Occasionally I would fall, but if I fell and was too sore for karate practice one of my instructors would rub it out until I was in the game. Early in childhood I became intrigued by the body’s ability to heal and adapt to new stresses with the skillful application of pressure. Later as a teenager, I learned a few simple techniques from my stepmom’s friends. I was more than happy to learn and then practice on anyone that was willing to let me try. Life passes by quickly and although I always meant to go to massage school, I never seemed to get the time and money together.

Then in July of 2010, that all changed: One night at the gym I ruptured the bicepital tendon of my left arm. The surgery to fix my arm was invasive and after months of recovery I had precious little functionality.  I hired a physical therapist and a personal trainer, but a month later my left arm still could not pick up a 3 lbs dumbbell! I was completely devastated because I had invested so much time, effort and money into my recovery, yet nothing worked at healing the scar tissue! It was at this time a good friend came up to Las Vegas for a power-lifting meet. He took one glance and told me I needed a good massage therapist to get the scar tissue out of my arm.

I soon found that Las Vegas is rich in massage therapists, but when it came to the deep recovery work I needed this city is a dessert. After using several therapists (even visiting one in California) I was making great progress, but I resolved to become the therapist I had needed.

It is easy to decide to become the best sports and injury recovery therapist in the West, but stepping down a position, going part-time at work and going back to school as an adult is humbling. I found a great medical school that had the longest massage program in Southern Nevada, Anthem College. At Anthem I earned straight A’s in every module, and I was introduced to the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA.) Soon after graduating Anthem I started volunteering with the AMTA and I started connecting with the best Continuing Education instructors in the country. I then started serving the Nevada State AMTA chapter as a delegate to represent Nevada in the AMTA’s House of Delegates. I reviewed research, voted on what massage benefits we thought the AMTA had enough research to back and I even got to meet Dr Oz!

Currently I am a Board Member for the AMTA Nevada Chapter and I have studied with the top massage therapists, ones that have run the massage programs for the LA Kings and worked with the LA Dodgers. Las Vegas might not have blackberry brambles, but the lessons I learned as a kid still ring true: Use the very best ingredients and a healthy dose of passion, and never compromise! I created Bold Bodywork to be the best in sports massage and injury recovery from the ground up: I use organic lotions, the best tools, the top techniques, and a personal passion to make every client feel as good as they can. Most spas compromise where they can, but Bold Bodywork never has and never will. Quality is in the very DNA of Bold Bodywork, and so is an occasional cobbler when I can find good berries!

Brent Bornemeier, LMT
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  1. Meeting the iconic Oscar Goodman
    Meeting the iconic Oscar Goodman
  2. Meeting my Assemblymen
    Meeting my Assemblymen
  3. Nevada's best massage therapist
    Meeting Oscar Goodman again!
  4. Nevada's best massage therapist
    Nevada's best massage therapist
  5. Top massage therapist
    Top massage therapist
  6. best customer service in Las Vegas
    best customer service in Las Vegas
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